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6 About Crrdcore:

haiii im vio the owner of crrdcore! crrdcore is an account dedicated to helping everyone navigate carrd.co and sharing my own designs!

6 About Vio:

19 it/bun/they prns <3
pan mexican enby (0218)
aquarius eng/spa OK!

6 Extra:

tuts and copies r okay for any crd labeled 'cr doiibahi / crrdcore' however pls msg me if u plan on making a tut!

6 My Links:

req form 4 carrd twt 4 pinterest 4 youtube 4 carrd referral code 4 ccat 4 retrospring 4 resource crd 4 rkive 4 pastebin


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Q Guidelines
3 you Must be following me idc if the acc is a random acc/priv just follow me
3 please have dms open! you Must have an open slot on your carrd account
3 i will NOT go searching for images for your carrd
3 please dont req for a carrd to be turned into a different level of carrd pro
Q Notes
3 please do not dm me asking for updates on your carrd it stresses me out T__T
3 if you do not get a dm from me within 72 hours i have denied your req!
4 Are your carrds free? yes! all carrds i make are 100% free
4 How long will my carrd take? your carrd can take anywhere between 2-7 days!
4 What kinds of carrd do you make? i make carrds from non-pro to pro plus!
4 Do you give copies? yes! as long as i still have the carrd and the original creator allows copies to be given out i do!
4 Can I req more than once? yes! there is no limit to how many carrd reqs you can send :]
4 Do you make tutorials? yes but i dont really like doing them lol so it takes me a while to get through my tut reqs sry :(
4 How do your carrd reqs work? simply fill out the carrd ref form then wait for a dm from me confirming your req!
P Extra
C please note that i work 40 hrs a week so tuts generally take more time for me to make!
C also while i accept carrd reqs at any level please do not request carrds made by these people: ikisschris, xaiotng, yiboself, hourlyriti, giamgri, ioihobi, angeidiarys, crdskiz and finderqirl
C please consider supporting all of the above mentioned creators through their commission systems!
C also note that nothing on my main accounts carrd affects this account and my carrd reqs ^^
C however pls do Not req if you fit basic dni criteria / you will delete my credits!